“Optimum vita vivet!”  live your best life!

At Secret Ingredients, we have balanced flavor and aroma with a holistic approach towards health and a culinary ferver for flavor and quality. We searched far and wide to bring you an award-winning Abiquena extra virgin olive oil from the hills of northern California and Organic C.B.D. from the eastern plains of Colorado.

   Creating the perfect Olive Oil   

We began in  the summer of 2019, right out of New York's very own New Paltz. It was here that owner and chef *ASK IF ITS OKAY TO USE NAME* began his mission to bring you the finest C.B.D. infused extra virgin olive oil he could with the help of *Insert others names if okay*

Over the next few months *insert name* worked tirelessly to source the finest California Organic olive oil and bring it together with some of the best C.B.D. distillate Colorado had to offer.  Infusing together nothing but top of the line cold pressed olives and pure C.B.D. distillate our oil has been perfectly blended for both your pallet and your body.

Here at Secret Ingredients we believe life should be lived to the fullest and that everybody deserves the finest. We've carefully balanced both flavor and sensation, both experience and destination. We strive to bring you a top of the line product at an affordable price!

Secret Ingredients wanted to bring the world something new and fresh to our ever growing world.  With a focus on more health conscious living we strive to be as Eco friendly as we can be by using all natural ingredients that were farmed sustainably and certified organic. We avoid using plastic as much as possible choosing to bottle our olive oil in glass!